Sight Seeing In Vengurla


Bhogwe Beach is one of the best beach to visit in Vengurla, which is in Bhogwe village near Nivati Fort. Greenery of the nature and the waves of the sea is one of the best combinations to watch. At Bhogwe village, there is the combination of Karli River and Arabian ocean. The main attraction is the Dolphins. Watching those dolphins play and show different fun tricks is really an amazing view. The tourists prefer visit to the beach in winter since there is more chance of seeing dolphins.

Sand on the beach is silver shaded and sunset looks amazing from this beach.The place is perfect to visit with family and friends.

Bhogwe Beach has water sports and it’s pretty adventurous. Like Jet Ski, banana ride, motor ride, parasailing, etc. rides are available. Also, you can get boat rides to reach the dolphin's spot. So come and visit this beach to enjoy the sea view and also water sports.

bhogwe-beach-vengurla bhogwe-beach-view

Nivati Beach is located in the village of Nivati which is in Vengurla, this beach is on the southern side of Sindhudurg Fort. The beach is near from the villages of Bhogwe and Kochra, this village is popular for fishing. This is one of the best and clean beach to visit and it’s very large.

Tourist can also visit Nivati Fort near Nivati Beach. Which is historical significance to this place.The water of ocean is crystal clear and the atmosphere of the nature is very pleasant.

So please come and must visit this beach to enjoy one of the best view of sea.

nivati-beach nivati-beach

The Vengurla Beach is located in Sindhudurg - Maharashtra. The white sand and clear water gives this beach very good beauty of nature. The beach is filled with many religious spots like - Rameshwar Mandir, Shri Devi Sateri temple, Ganapati of Redi, Vithoba temple etc. The beach also have farming research centre which is named as Sagareshwar.

Apart from the religious things you can also found many water activities provides by their people for travellers and visitors like scuba diving, parasailing, swimming etc. Also talk about food stalks which platter some delicious malvani cuisines. There are many restaurants, hotels are available near the beach. Must visit this beach to spend some nice time with family and friends.

vengurla beach

Shiroda Beach is at the distance of 15 km from Vengurla village. The beach is known for the Salt Satyagraha started by Mahatma Gandhi. This beach is also one of the best beaches to see. Shiroda breach is very good to visit. So whenever you come to Vengurla must visit this beach to enjoy the best view of the sea.


Mochemad beach is located in the Mochemad village which is in Vengurla, and it is distance from around 8 km from the main city Vengurla. This beach is surrounded with the mountains and hills which are 200 ft high, the beach is famous for enjoying various water sports activities. On this beach you can find the Cyprus and suru trees. The sand is in golden colour attracts tourists. Also the view of the Arabian Sea is amazing to see. You can enjoy so many water sports and other activities on this beach.

So whenever you are planning to come in Vengurla must visit this amazing beach for fun and many water sports activities.

mochemad-beach mochemad-beach-vengurla


About 20 km from Vangurla In the distance you can visit the Redi Ganapati Temple. It’s also know for its Manganese mines found near the temple. It is believed that the statue of Ganapati, which was scattered in the temple, was discovered from mine in 1976. Possessing the height of around 15 ft, the idol of Lord Ganesha has been identified in sitting position. The site is frequently visited by devotees as well as tourists during the celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi. There are many people are visit here in this festival of Lord Ganesha. This is one of the best and well known place to visit in Vengurla.


Shree Dev Adinarayan is one of the well known historical temple of Parule village. This temple is about 150 years old. It is one of the two ancient sun temples in the world. This temple is west facing. This idol is in black stones. This temple gives you a peace and soothing experience. Villagers celebrates the festival of Rathasaptami in large number.

adinarayan-temple-parule adinarayan-temple

Sagareshwar Shiva Temple, is one of the ancient temples is located in the village Sagareshwar that is situated in the destination. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the stone carved temple is built at a site where the waves of the sea water touch its footstep. Tourists can also spot Deepstambh and Nandi the bull placed at the entrance of the temple. During the celebrations of Maha Shivratri, the temple is thronged by pilgrims as well as tourists in large numbers. No matter how hot the atmosphere outside is, once you get into the temple, it is quite cool. The holy place surrounded by suru trees. So whenever you come to Vengurla must visit this very beautiful temple which makes you feel warm and give you very peaceful experience.

sagreshwar-temple-vengurla sagreshwar-temple-vengurla

Vetoba temple is one of the best temple to visit in vengurla. Vetoba temple is located at shiroda village. This temple is of lord vetal. Lord Vetal is king of ghosts. Pilgrims from all over the world visit vetoba temple to fulfil their wishes. Temple accepts bananas, sweets, pairs of dhoti and mostly, a specific kind of leather footwear made locally known as “chappals”. Devotees came here to fulfil their wishes from all over the world. So whenever you come to Vengurla must visit this temple.

sagreshwar-temple-vengurla vetoba-temple


The Light House is believed to be one of the tallest towers in Vengurla, situated on a hill in the village. At a distance of around 10 km from the sea. From the top of the hill, tourists can enjoy the view of the shore, Arabian Sea and more other natural things.

This is a wonderful and breathtaking view. The route is through a sparse jungle. It's totally safe. Just you have to pay a token fee. You can also spot some dolphins moving in sea. If you are planning to come in Vengurla must visit this Light house.

lighhouse-vengurla vengurla_rock_lighthouse

Dutch factory was built up in Vengurla. It is also known as Dutch wakhar. Today, Dutch factory, which was really a great post in era, is just scene. The guests were not allowed to enter in this factory once but now they can enter in it. This factory is one of the oldest factory, located in Vengurla. This is one of the great historical thing to visit in Vengurla it’s built in era of Britishers. So please whenever come to vengurla must visit this place to see and the historical things from Vengurla.


Aravali, is one of the beautiful villages near Vengurla, it is located at a distance of around 14 km from the destination. The site attracts many tourists throughout the year for its Shri Vithoba Temple and Sateri Devi Mandir, which possess religious importance for the devotees. Often referred as a Jagrut Devsthan or abode of Lord that fulfil the wishes, the temple routes are crowded by devotees carrying bananas as prime offerings for the lord.

It is also believed that the Lord Vithoba’s favourite offerings include a brand new pair of large sized Kolhapuri chappals. Natives state that the lord walks on the tracks of the village by wearing the chappals. Tourists visiting the site can also visit Aravali Beach, Medha village, Mhapan village, Pal and Palkarwadi village that are located in proximity of the site. So if you are planning to visit Vengula must visit this temples to fullfill yours wishes.

aravali-beach aravali-beach-vengurla


Have you ever seen a mighty fort floating in the blue sea? Many forts are built by the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Sindhudurg Fort is one of the fort we are talking about. This fort is one of the best destination to visit in malvan. There are so many activities are available for enjoy with family and friends like scuba diving, snorkelling, water sports and others various sports activities are available on the fort.

You can easily reach to this fort from malvan bus stand there are buses and rickshaws are available to reach jetty, you can reach jetty in 5 min, after then you have to take boat ride to reach Sindhudurg fort.

sindhudurg-fort-malvan sindhudurg-fort-malvan

Rock Garden is one of the amazing place to visit whenever you come to malvan. Rock garden is well maintained garden which is combination of blue Arabian ocean and greenery of manmade garden. Sun is coming out from the sea is a fairy tail experience for tourist. You can also find Arse Mahal there which also gives you peaceful experience. Rock garden where you can find many kind of activities to enjoy like, toy train, other kids activities, also many other shops for snacks so this is best place for visit.

rock-garden rock-garden-malvan

Chivla beach is one of the best place to visit in malvan this beach is over 2 Km from one end to other. For swimming and taking safe bath in sea then this is the best beach you can find in malvan. The beauty of the beach is indescribable. This beach have white sand and the water of the sea is crystal clear also the beach is very wide so can get a calmness in some side of this beach. Chivla beach is one of the best places to visit in malvan. Adventure activities like snorkelling, diving, skiing and swimming are also available here.

chivala-beach chivala-beach-photo

Jay Ganesh Temple is one one of the best temple to visit in malvan. The temple was built by Jayant Salgaonkar, an Indian businessman, historian, astrologer, writer, etc.this temple is popular for its golden idol of lord ganaesha. Another best feature of the temple is its ceiling that has idols of the Ganesha in eight different positions. This temple gives you a very warm experience. This temple is very popular temple in malvan so whenever you are planning to come to malvan must visit this temple for calm experience.

jay-ganesh-temple jay-ganesh-temple-in-malvan

Tarkarli beach is best beach in malvan to visit. This beach is tourist’s favourite beach. Tarkarli beach is known for is crystal clear of water. In this beach you can find various water sports activities like, snorkelling, scuba diving etc. so whenever you come to malvan you must visit this place with family and friend.

tarkarli-beach tsunami-island-tarkarli

Devbagh beach is one of the best beach to visit in malvan. This beach is very much famous for its water sport activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, banana ride, paragliding, and many other activities. This beach is also famous for its white sand, clear water; again the dolphins are also attraction of tourists. Devagh sangam is also place to visit there. So this is the all in one place where you can find various activities to visit.

devbagh-beach devbagh-beach-dolphin-safari